Out of Pocket: A Message From Tristan


Hello friends!

When you want to see a quality live theatre experience where do you turn? If you are looking for far more than just a “show,” you visit us at The District. Why? Because you know you will receive a professional experience in an environment like none other in the Quad Cities.

Now in its ninth year, The District has surpassed our most optimistic projections. Our first season in our new space broke box office records and The Addams Family blew the doors off any previous attendance record in our eight year history. People marvel at how we can continue to produce these monster hits and keep prices so low.

Truth is: we can't. Not on our own. We must have the support of the community and our patrons to continue to break records and bring these shows to life. We need your support to continue to provide the Quad Cities with bold and groundbreaking experiences.

Please know you are a valuable asset to this blossoming organization and your gift can make all of the difference and. This helps our small staff, our board, our designers, our actors, our musicians... to everyone who works to serve and entertain the theatre patrons of the Quad Cities. And if you would like you may specify your gift to a particular department – box office, operations, marketing, production... wherever you choose.

Please consider making a generous gift as you can. Perhaps you will consider becoming a subscriber and joining us for each and every show next season! A single subscription – simply titled “The District” gets you one subscription to each and every show with priority seating. Our unique subscription - titled The Louie Fisher – garners you admission into each production as many times as you would like with priority seating. A single subscription is $145 and The Louie Fisher runs $275.

As production and overhead costs rise, we aim to keep our ticket prices as affordable as we can. We have not raised our prices in five years to benefit you. The contribution you will make today will help us maintain a lower ticket price and the ability to increase the quality in each of our productions in the coming season. Please help us make theatre affordable in this culturally rich area.

Your donation will make a world of difference for us; we can promise you.

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Sponsor a show and see your businesses name and logo (or your name) above the title as producer! 

$1,500 for a play
$3,000 for a musical

Contact Tristan directly for this opportunity!


Choose THE DISTRICT Season Ticket for single admission to one performance of each show this season and priority seating. Choose THE LOUIE FISHER Subscription for single admission to any number of performances of each show this season and priority seating.


Best wishes,

Tristan Layne Tapscott
Producing Artistic Director